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A true teacher is not one with most knowledge rather it is one who causes most others to have knowledge

We learn to swim to be safe in and around water develop physically mentally emotionally learn life skills have fun!


A ’water safe’  person is one who chooses to enter a water environment in which they are consciously aware that they are able to manage themselves without fear of danger being hurt being dominated or bullied where they can confidently participate as an individual or within a group


One who can swim by choice on top of the water with their faces in the water swim under the water swim with confidence on the back without assistance or any type of floatable aid. A person who knows their limit and boundaries in and around water


Swimming Guidance  - Introduction Module 1 of 16      

We, like the mammals of the ocean who slowly nurture with much love care and patience to independence their young need to teach our young how to survive in the environment we are born from


The human mind has the ability to see a skill being performed or demonstrated, the human body to feel physical

movement, to hear instruction explaining the skill/s, is able to remember to associate what has been learned.  

Through repetition and regular practice movement ...


Swimming Guidance learn / teach skills Module 2 of 16  -  Paddling pool/bath 

We can learn to swim in any ‘body of water’.  Learning/teaching is easier in warm water for all ages, for athletes who go back to basics to correct swimming faults.  In a paddling pool or familiarity of the warm bath water swimming skills are learned in a fun way. We can hear each other. The most important skills  …..


Swimming Guidance learn / teach skills Module 3 of 16  -  Safe pool entry

When a child asks if they may swim we consciously become aware that they are going into water. This creates awareness of our responsibility to keep them safe. We learn to talk, to ask in a respectful way … ‘please may I climb into the pool?’ In my years of teaching swimming this is the exact practice with each and every pupil. It only takes a few seconds of time. The communication brings both teacher and pupil into  ....

The Hand Holding Technique is very smart. Although specific it is adjustable. We only need to adjust it slightly when we turn a person onto the back. When turning back again the technique automatically reverts back to ....


Swimming Guidance learn / teach skills Module 4 of 16  -  ‘crocodile walk’  

The purpose of the 'crocodile walk' teaches us to move in various directions. With open flat hands, asymmetrically, we pull our body forwards from one side of the step to the other. In the same way we push our body backwards ….


Swimming Guidance learn / teach skills Module 5 of 16  - Hand Holding Technique Underwater / Walking / Hopping on the different Step levels

Always learn/teach new skills in the safest, shallowest part of water or a swimming pool. Each new skill brings fears, insecurities. Orientation is an ongoing experience with each new adjustment to a new and different state of being. We encourage, stimulate, motivate and praise the attempts and achievements of new skills ….


Swimming Guidance learn / teach skills Module 6 of 16  - Mouth Blowing and Water on the Face and Head  

Learning to feel comfortable with water either splashing the face or putting the face into water is the most challenging to teach ….