You have joined us to learn/teach safe skills for swimming at

Swimming Guidance for all by Arlene









A true teacher is not one with most knowledge rather it is one who causes most others to have knowledge

We learn to swim to be safe in and around water develop physically mentally emotionally learn life skills have fun!


A ’water safe’  person is one who chooses to enter a water environment in which they are consciously aware that they are able to manage themselves without fear of danger being hurt being dominated or bullied where they can confidently participate as an individual or within a group


One who can swim by choice on top of the water with their faces in the water swim under the water swim with confidence on the back without assistance or any type of floatable aid. A person who knows their limit and boundaries in and around water


Swimming Guidance learn / teach skills Module 15 of 16 Learn to swim independent of swimming aids

We have learned to use our hands and arms. The 'hand holding technique' stimulated us to, without teaching the obvious, be independent of 'clutching' onto someone or something. We hold, we reach, we learn to open and to stretch our body. This action puts us into the opposite to fetal position, therefore we have confidence to physically express. Arms forward or up when diving into water is a safety precaution

We have reached the wonderful stage of swimming freely, without assistance or support. No swimming aids or goggles. We use our skills which we have learned through consistent and repeated practices

Swimming is safe and fun! We have one more step to go ....  post 56


Swimming Guidance learn / teach skills Module 16 of 16 Swim across the pool the ultimate goal and achievement

We have achieved through our own efforts the ability to swim. The way that we have learned to swim using the methods in Modules 1 - 16 prepares us to always be able to assess our ability in any water facility as a swimmer or to participate in diversified water activities and sport. Swimming freely, consciously, is a Universal sharing .... post 57


Swimming Guidance Guide for Emergency Action – Resuscitation & CPR

We have experienced the exciting process of learning / teaching swimming by following the charming production of the video I WISH I WISH I WAS A FISH 'COS THEN I CAN SWIM - WATER REBORN Modules 1 - 16

We have taken on the responsibility to learn to be or to teach safety in and around water

The process of learning / teaching swimming slowly, step by step takes us from being fearful to that of being aware of our limits in and around water. We too, through our experiences, learn to identify unsafe water practices, play, environment where others are present

Even basic knowledge of dealing with an emergency will make the difference to saving a life in or around water













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