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A true teacher is not one with most knowledge rather it is one who causes most others to have knowledge

We learn to swim to be safe in and around water develop physically mentally emotionally learn life skills have fun!


A ’water safe’  person is one who chooses to enter a water environment in which they are consciously aware that they are able to manage themselves without fear of danger being hurt being dominated or bullied where they can confidently participate as an individual or within a group


One who can swim by choice on top of the water with their faces in the water swim under the water swim with confidence on the back without assistance or any type of floatable aid. A person who knows their limit and boundaries in and around water



Swimming Guidance learn / teach skills Module 7 of 16  -  Put the Face and Head into the Water by Blowing Bubbles 

Rhythm is a part of our nature. Water has her own rhythm ( ) post 3. Each swimming skill that we learn has a rhythm. Through gentle guidance, listening, thinking, concentration skills, trust, repetitive practices we shall realise and adapt our rhythm to the rhythm of water which creates a feeling of fearlessness and great personal achievement. This state of well being is necessary for our progression from basic ‘blowing’ skills


We have progressed from basic play skills. We now set a goal to achieve the most valuable swimming, drown proofing, life skill ( ) post 27 learning to put our face and head under water  …  post 33


Swimming Guidance learn / teach skills Module 8 of 16  - Kicking  - part 1

Kicking is an advanced skill. We now learn/teach to lift the feet off the ground, to propel ourselves forwards on the surface of the water ….  post 37


Swimming Guidance learn / teach skills Module 8 of 16  -  Kicking  -  part 2

We advance to a progressive skill when we turn from the back kicking position to lie horizontally on the tummy …. post 38


Swimming Guidance learn / teach skills Module 9 of 16  -  Pick up toys with Face in the water

To learn to pick up a toy with the face in the water, first we stand on the shallow step. Slowly, rhythmically we count audibly ‘and one a …. post 40


Swimming Guidance learn / teach skills Module 10 of 16 -  Pick up toys swim back to the step

Using all the skills that we have learned, listening, visualisation, regular repetitive practices of ‘big breaths’ and ‘blowing bubbles’ with our face in the water with our eyes open, lots and lots of kicking to strengthen the muscles of the body has prepared us for the next progression which is to pick up toys then kick to swim back to the step with our face in the water  …. post 43




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