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Swimming Guidance for all by Arlene









A true teacher is not one with most knowledge rather it is one who causes most others to have knowledge

We learn to swim to be safe in and around water develop physically mentally emotionally learn life skills have fun!


A ’water safe’  person is one who chooses to enter a water environment in which they are consciously aware that they are able to manage themselves without fear of danger being hurt being dominated or bullied where they can confidently participate as an individual or within a group


One who can swim by choice on top of the water with their faces in the water swim under the water swim with confidence on the back without assistance or any type of floatable aid. A person who knows their limit and boundaries in and around water


Swimming Guidance learn / teach skills Module 11 of 16 Supported kicking in the pool / hand supported kicking and blowing bubbles / learn to kick on the back

We progress to orientate, learn/teach, co-ordinate in the open swimming pool away from our ‘safe area’ on the step. We will use and practice the breathing and bubble blowing skills, face in the water, kicking that we learned

The relationship of trust that we developed makes this next step a simple progression.  We support the body by wrapping arms around  ….  post 15  post 47


Swimming Guidance learn / teach skills Module 12 of 16 Kick with Arms over the Broomstick

The ‘broomstick’ is a very versatile floatable swimming aid which we learn to control. The weight and strength of an adult is not sufficient to easily push and hold these two bottles down under the water. Learning/Teaching swimming on the ‘broomstick’ is the first step towards becoming independent of support, our first step towards learning to and experiencing swimming ‘freely’ post 49


Swimming Guidance learn / teach skills Module 13 of 16 Kick while holding the bottles

An advanced progressive skill, learning to use the bottles which we hold securely. Our hands, arms, shoulders are strong. Kicking, breathing and bubbles are well practised. Face under the water with our eyes open feels good, is fun. We have confidence in our own ability realise our parameters of skill and safety in open water. We are capable, prepared for new challenges like learning to kick on the back. One step away from 'free swimming' ....  post 54


Swimming Guidance learn / teach skills Module 14 of 16 Holding the bottles while sitting dive onto the tummy at the deep end

With confidence due to the repeated practices of the learned swimming skills we progress to advanced skills, challenges, adventurous skills which bring us closer to the final step .... swimming freely, independently of any support

We manage how we use the bottles and for what purpose. We think for ourselves. We totally express ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally. We achieve the short term goals we set for ourselves. We swim safely. We are having such fun!   post 55











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